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Oriya Keyboard Layout

Posted on: March 26, 2009

You can download the oriya keyboard layout PDF file from here . This layout is generated by the Keyboard preview option on Linux(Ubuntu) system. Otherwise you can refer to the image attached below.

The below mentioned image is a screenshot from the . In this site, you can mouse over each alphabet to get more information on that.

oriya keyboard layout

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4 Responses to "Oriya Keyboard Layout"

Hi Ipsita,

glad to know about Oriya Keyboard layout. Is this key got same functionlity in Windows too?

Between, I belive Ipsita is famous name in Bengal. Does it got boundary till orissa? ;-)


Oops! Could you please answer my question to my email? Its

Hi Aarjun,

I never tried it on windows but I think this should work. It can not be operating system dependent!! I will surly give it a try and will confirm you.

If you are on windows and prefer easy typing(phonetics based typing) then try out the keyboard mapping tool, Keyman Desktop(

But this is a paid software but you can get a trial version too. It supports 13 Indic languages.


Have you been able to integrate this with Drupal so that EVERYONE can type on your website?

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